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Welcome to Maison Boyer! I'm Lindsey and frankly I'm just excited to be here. 

I'm a 20-something living/working/eating in Austin, Texas, and I promise not to mention our breakfast tacos every other sentence because honestly they aren't that great (holla at me San Antonio). With a French name, Swedish DNA, the French and Japanese language skills of a small child, and nearly three decades spent eating Tex Mex, I'm not totally sure where this boat is going but I do know we'll have snacks.

I'm always in the kitchen, and even when I'm not cooking I'm still talking and thinking about food. I care about how it affects our bodies, where it comes from, how it's grown, and how we can ensure that future generations won't look back on us as selfish jagweeds. While I'm not a vegetarian (and this is, after all, a blog with French proclivities), you won't see a lot of meat around these parts. On the occasions when I do use it in my kitchen, it tends to play a supporting role and it always comes from happy animals that led happy lives. At the risk of sounding dogmatic, I figure that is the bare minimum that we can do. I also still watch Jacques Pepin every day after school I mean work.

I mostly cook from the hip, deferring to the seasons and my CSA box when deciding what to eat. I may occasionally put a toe or two on my soapbox about cottony, out-of-season tomatoes but I try not to be preachy; Jake calls me picky, I say I'm principled and discerning.  You can also expect a lot of wine and butter alongside whole grains and vegetables, because this is 2016 and we're all adults here. 

I'm also a proud Texas Longhorn, and an even prouder best bro to these dudes:

Panda and Alfie after a long day spent toiling in the coal mines.

Panda and Alfie after a long day spent toiling in the coal mines.

The blonde one is Panda Bear and he is made of sunshine and clouds, enjoys lean proteins and pasta, and never turns down a belly rub. This little one is Alfie, furious squid and destroyer of worlds, who likes to break stuff and constantly exploits my inability to set boundaries. They'll be mentioned repeatedly, along with my fiance Jake. He's our resident expert on smoking meat, a subject on which I am both ignorant and disinterested, and my enthusiastic partner in learning about and drinking wine. Speaking of:

Sober and attentive after watching Hank Conger hit a grand slam #goastros

Sober and attentive after watching Hank Conger hit a grand slam #goastros

I know, I know. We look just like movie stars. Don't let the glamour intimidate you though, we still believe in cereal for dinner and putting our pants on one leg at a time. Fame and vast riches have not changed us, I assure you.

I think that covers the basics. I can be found on Instagram @MaisonBoyer, so if you have questions, ask! If you have comments, post! If you have wine, lmk because I'll be there in 10 with snacks.

Lots of love,

Lindsey B.

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